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This site

Part of this site aims to give students new tools to work as language learners. 

WEBQUEST- is a project which has just begun with the idea of enlarging it as we go on with our teaching -and learning- practice.


It is a space in which apart from practising and learning by solving some webquests, we will know about some of the great issues which trouble the world -economy, history, technology, justice.....


Creativity is very much welcome, as this site only displays some of the possibilities you can deal with or some of the topics you may be interested in. The main purpose of all this research is a final oral presentation in front of your peers in which you can show your progress in the English language and your abilities to present a topic in the most understandable and motivating way. 


The Grammar tags are quite self-explanatory and do not need much comment, but it will also be the longest and hardest task. The intention is to present grammar points, but also bearing in mind different standards of the language. Classics in English contain the biographies of a dozen of the most well-known authors in the English language as well as an overview of their works. Some links for reading are provided, too. As for the activities inserted in ESO and BATXILLERAT are those connected to our syllabus through the schoolyear and others which our longtime learners seem to care for. We have also included a new section, News where you can keep updated with the latest events.


We really hope it is useful to you all!