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Part Three- Guided conversation (3 minutes)

Now, it is time to interact with our partner. The examiner will describe a situation to both of you posing a question at the same time. There will be a set of ideas to help us with our arguments.

The objective is to have a discussion and then come to a conclusion or agreement at the end.


An example-

How important are all these things to keep fit and healthy?

-sleeping 8 hours a day

-spending time outdoors

-visiting the doctor frequently

-not eating pre-cooked foods

-doing sport

                               Useful Language-Agreeing and Disagreeing


Agreeing with someone Partially agreeeing Disagreeing with someone

-That's right!



-Me too!

-I feel the same.

-Yes, I agree.

-Yes. indeed.

-I totally agree with you!

-I couldn't agree more!

-No doubt about it.

-I see exactly what you mean.

-You're right. That's a good point.

-That's so true.

-I have to side with you about that.

-So do I 

-Neither do I.(with a negative statement)

-I agree up to a point, but....

-I agree with you in part, but....

-I partly agree with you on...., but.......

-I see your point, but....

-You've made a good point, but...

-That's partly true, however,....

-I'm not so sure about that.

-I don't totally agree with that!

-I don't think this is totally right.

-I'm not so sure about that.

-I don't think you're totally right.

-I'm afraid I disagree.

-I don't see eye to eye with you.

-I don't think so. I believe.....

-Not necessarily, because....

-I can't share this view.

-I'm sorry to disagree with you, but...

-That's not entirely true.

-I totally disagree! (strong)

-Absolutely not!

That's not my view.

-No way! (strong slang)


Part Four- Free conversation (4 minutes)

To end, a set of questions related to the topic in part three which candidates will have to answer. It is time to show your fluency in a conversation. In this case, it was health and keeping fit. So, this could be one of these sets.

-Some people say we waste money going to the gym when you can do sport outside for free. What do you think?

-Is living healthily more expensive? Why? Why not?

-Do you think governments should grant more sports facilities and activities?

-Does advertising make us too worried about keeping fit and the way we look?

-Who worries more about health in general, men or women?