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Play the reporter!

Looking back...

Things from other times- what it used to be....

The Spanish Civil War

Yellowstone National Park: what it used to be, what it is now.

At the beginning of 1995, a number of biologists working for US Fish, Wildlife Service and others coming from Canada, set 12 wolves free at Yellowstone national Park, after 70 years of their disappearance there. In the next few years, more and more wolves started coming too, and the effects were far more extraordinary than they had expected. All the ecosystem in the National Park changed, even rivers changed their course. How can this have happened? Look at the video and find out why.

An image is worth a thousand words

Believing is seeing. A video in which a photographer speaks about their work.

British and American English

About the history of these two people.

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This is about the history of other people who were also colonised. You can watch here a trailer of Hotel Rwanda.

How long????

Speaking activities...
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Possibility and Certainty.

It must be....

it can't be....

but it also might be...


a.This is real survival-document for information
Child soldiers and conflicts.docx
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Mark of Cain- a song by Noa. Click on the title to hear it, the lyrics are below. What is the song about? What's the problem "growing in her"?  Why does she not know if she will love or hate "this thing"? What's the meaning of "the mark of Cain", in your opinion?

I am a young woman
With callused hands and feet
With an ever - growing problem
Buried in me deep
It has stripped me of my beauty
With an overwhelming pain
And on yesterday's proud forehead
It has burned the mark of Cain

It happened long ago
Though it seems like only yesterday
I had come back home
After years of wandering astray
Walked familiar streets
Never knowing fate would find me there
And ever since I've been crippled
'Neath this burden I must bear.

The Mark of Cain
The child of pain
Of trouble and of war
Mother Nature cannot comfort
Nor the coolness of the sea
Lord above, how can I love
This thing that I abhor?
Child of pain is growing in me

Within me he is waging war
Battling for breath
Battling for blood
And a body of His own
I've considered the solution
But that would be my death
For while I've waited and debated
He has grown

Deep in my heart
I wish I could love him
Erase our past with a mother's embrace
I want to start fresh
But within me I'm fearful..
Will I find my oppressor in his tiny face?

The Mark of Cain
The child of pain
Of trouble and of war
Mother Nature cannot comfort
Nor the coolness of the sea
Lord above, how can I love
This thing that I abhor?
Child of rape
Is growing in me.


b.A child soldier in Sierra leone- a story to complete.
A story based on real facts by Chema Caballero, a man who has been working with these children for their reintegration in society after their hard life experiences.
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            c. Nick Nolan trying to survive on a desert island

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    mjsite (Monday, 01 August 2011 23:59)

    What part of the film corresponds to this scene? What has just happened? What will happen afterwards, particularly with Wilson?
    What is the reason why Wilson is there with Nick, in your opinion?

b.After watching the movie.

View another webinar from mherrerav

Listen to this song and complete the blanks in the lyrics.....

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