How green are you?

"Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us."

 Henrik Tikkanen


Do you usually care for the environment?

When do you try to revise the packaging in your shopping?

How often do you recycle at home? 

How much do you recycle? Think of a percentage.

What kind of products are easier to recycle in your neighbourhood?

Can you find bins near your home? 

How long have you been using bins for organic waste?

Some autonomous governments want to make people pay for the glass container. Will that help reduce waste?

What's the irony of our society today? Think of consumerism, capitalism, waste, what we really need and what we really want...Do you think advertising has any part of responsibility?

Are we just "greedy"? 



ewaste.......Buy it, use it, break it, junk it...

Some images to comment...

Endangered species

Extinct species

Cloning animals which died out.

Scientist have found a 400,000-year-old mammoth which they are planning to clone.

Global warming

The quest for energy- A documentary film

This is a non-profit film by Yann Arthus-Bertran. It depicts some changes that mankind has brought about when choosing certain lifestyles; agriculture thousands of years ago, or oil just fifty years ago. The deeper look is precisely focused on this last period of time during which our lives have changed so much and on these natural resources on which we have become so dependent. We are running out of, precisely, what nature provides.....The Amazon rainforest reduced by 20% in 40 years, Borneo's deforestation is devastating because of the need of palm oil, we need 5 times more paper than 50 years before. That should make us think.

From the ethical point of view, the fact is that half the world's poor live in resource-rich countries...

Arthus-Bertran intends to get across a message: Earth is an amazing place; we must be responsible and take care of it and ultimately of us...After all, it is our HOME.

LIFESTYLES that should make us think

Mr Michio Kaku is a well-known scientist. He has participated in many scientific TV programmes and documentaries. Here he tells us about what the real danger in Fukushima was.