Amazing Iceland

Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

Why is the water good for the skin?

How old is the interviewer, according to himself?

What's the temperature of the water?

Who may you bring here, according to the interviewer?

How high can the geiser get?

The festival in Edimburgh

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Some Adjectives and Prepositions


  • excited, worried, mad(crazy)


  • fond, proud, ashamed, 
  • jealous, envious, tired
  • suspicious, critical, tolerant
  • afraid, frightened, terrified, 
  • scared, aware,conscious, 
  • capable, incapable, sick 
  • full, short, typical
  • certain, sure, independent





  • good, bad, brilliant, better, hopeless, surprised, mad (angry)



  • similar, married, engaged


  • different


  • dependent, keen


  •  crowded, furious, angry


  • famous, sorry, crazy, responsible




Phrasal verbs-explanation

Distinction 1.Unit 1.multiword verbs.pdf
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International festivals

Diwali: the festival of lights


-Is Diwali celebrated after or before the monzoons?

-Where do Indians put up the colourful flowers?

-What is the sand a symbol of?

-What do neighbours usually do?

-What is specially colourful at night in Delhi?

History of Halloween.

Listen and try to finish these sentences.

Celtic farmers believed there was a day....

Samhain meant ....

Druids tried to foretell.....

Pope Gregory III established the sacred....

But people still celebrated by lightning...

In the mid 19th century, the Irish...

In America, the bonfires...

At the beginning of the 20th century, ....



History of Thanksgiving day

the voyage of the pilgrims
the voyage of the pilgrims

-What winter was specially hard for the Pilgrims?

-What did the Wampanoags do?

-What happened in 1621?

-What seafood was included in the first Thanksgiving?

-What was different in later celebrations?

-When did the congress decide to have a national day of celebration in the first thirteen American colonies?

-Who was the person who wrote a letter to the government to establish a date?

-What famous parade was born in 1924?


The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving address

This ceremony is the original Thanksgiving festivity celebrated by Native Americans. If you want to learn about it, read this.

What about these?

Distinction 1.Unit1.International festiv
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To end this first period.....

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Practising narration and description

technology and the future

Is the future already here??? These are Geminoids

Cosmic journey

Asimov's story.